Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Observer Effect" Revisited this weekend!

Hey, New Yorkers (or anyone near NYC)! Come out and see a version of "Observer Effect" performed at the Dance Across the Board Conference this weekend at NYU!

Our performance is at 11:45am on Saturday, and it's FREE!
More details can be found on the DAB Website.

"Observer Effect", is a contemporary dance work that explores layering quantum and classical physics, neurophysiology, and social psychology/interpersonal relations. What does it mean to see and be seen? How do we construct our identity through how we see ourselves, or how we are seen by others? How does the mere act of being observed change our behaviors and our very selves? How do these affects ripple on a micro- and macro-level, from our cells to social relationships? In “Observer Effect” as in our daily lives, we are both the watchers and the watched.