Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introduction to Somanaut Dance

Somanaut Dance is where I house my somatic movement dance education and choreographic explorations. For me, the two are inextricably linked processes, which grow from the same soil.

Somatic Movement Dance Education:

Somanaut dance is a place to explore the intersection between embodied somatic movement and dance. I am dedicated to free and innovative exploration of the living body through meditative and creative deep, internal listening and movement, and strive to create a sense of greater awareness, spaciousness, support, and positive well-being through our movement practices.

Choreographic Pursuits:
I create intellectual, contemporary movement that is process-driven and somatically-informed. I balance between brain and body, intellectual processes and lived experiences. My dance works feature edited relational collages and offer calculated, oppositional perspectives on the impact of evolutions. By abstracting subtle shifts to dissect change over time, I make my audiences think. I honor many bodies and many voices through democratic processes. I relish asking the juicy questions, zealously embodying the inquisition, where answers exist or not.